5 benefits of using a tracker for your cattle protection.

Indians and their love for cows. Well, do we even have a point of argument here. 

Moreover, if the cow helps you earn your bread, it’s more like a family member. Well, let’s not generalize here on cows. Any animal/cattle that is part of your bread earning becomes part of your family. You get emotionally attached to each of them and losing even one of them is going to cost you a lot. 

Did you know that a Shepherd with a cattle of nearly 100 animals loses nearly 2 animals every month? Well, that’s the direct loss of money that could be earned by selling its milk. Moreover, the cost of buying a new cow is nearly 50000-70000 Rs in India. You can only calculate how much loss each shepherd would be bearing by losing animals from its herd. 

Wouldn’t it be better if one could track their cattle by keeping a tab on them? Yes, this is practically possible. With our cattle tracking and management solution, you can trace back your cattle whenever they go missing. Let me help you understand 5 benefits you could gain by using our Cattle Tracking solution. 

  • The devices won’t do any harm. 

Your cattle won’t be impacted in either way that could prove to be harmful. No harmful radiation would be emitted from our device.

Moreover, we also offer solar-powered devices. It would charge itself using solar radiation. Simply, get it placed like a necklace or pierce it in the ears and you are good to trace your cattle, wherever they are. 

  • Helps you set geographical boundaries. 

It’s practically impossible to keep an eye on your entire cattle, especially when the number expands in hundreds. Now, you can’t control animals by code of conduct. So, it becomes difficult to keep them intact, together in a herd. 

Numerous animals die every month in accidents. Through our cattle tracking solution, you can set geofencing, thereby alerting you every time your cattle is beyond the predefined boundaries. You can practically save your herd from accidents, getting stolen or lost, simply through a tracking solution. 

  • Ensure protection. 

Even the thought of losing a family member could be traumatic. We understand your attachment with your cattle. Well, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could protect them by keeping track of them? 

With a cattle tracking management solution, ensure the protection of your herd. 

  • Time to bid farewell to stress. 

Managing animals could be quite a task. And you might end up staying awake for nights with the stress of keeping a track of them. Well, no more. With our software, you could add varying kinds of alerts and notifications to get instant intimates. 

Never lose an animal again. Always know where they are at any given point in time. Save your business from losses and witness for yourself a visible increase in profitability. 

Get in touch with us at ANS IT INDIA and allow us to help you secure your cattle.

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