4 reasons you require Milk Collection System for your vehicles

When we think of perishable products, the dairy industry indeed tops the charts of being at the maximum risk. This is because the shelf life of unpasteurized, directly procured milk is too low. Only when the milk is pasteurized, packaged, and stored appropriately under predetermined conditions would it last for days. Having said that, one can only assume the risk associated with the transport of milk, even when it’s within a limited geographical area. 

Is there any way we can deal with this risk? Of course. The rise of the telematics industry has opened avenues of ways in which we can utilize its solutions to our benefit. And, same could be done with milk collection vehicles. Using a set of devices, we can offer you a solution that would lead to the overall growth and development of your business, by multifold.

Let us walk you through ways, a milk collection system can benefit you. 

1.Live tracking.

The obvious benefit of telematics is supposed to be live monitoring. Even when you have a fleet of hundred vehicles to monitor, you can know precisely when and where your vehicle is at any given point of time. 

Live tracking can free you from the hassles of coordination. 

2.Tanker door reports. 

We all are aware of the adulteration practices with milk. Besides, milk theft is another of the most common problem faced by companies these days. 

With tanker door alerts you would be alerted every time a door is opened. This would allow you to know if the door was accessed at a place where it wasn’t planned. Such monitoring can help you keep a check on adulteration and prevent theft. 

A detailed report would also be generated to help you make informed decisions. 

3.Temperature monitoring.

You definitely cannot miss equipping your milk collection vehicles with temperature sensors. Milk is a non-durable, perishable product. There is no way you can save it from spoiling if not stored at the appropriate temperature. While in transit, milk is at maximum risk, although it is transported in cold storage. Temperature deviations can spoil the milk and the losses occurred henceforth are usually high in numbers. 

A temperature monitoring solution would help you monitor the temperature of storage consistently, enabling you to take immediate actions in times of casualty. 

4.Preventing casual behaviors. 

Milk transport is one such commodity where you cannot afford delay.  Every single minute matters and hence, one spends hours optimizing the routes of milk collection vehicles. With a tracking solution, you would be intimated whenever the driver opts for an unauthorized route. Moreover, you can also monitor if the driver takes unplanned stops or longer than planned halt.       

Such casual behaviors can be kept under control with a tracking solution. 

Conclusively, all that matters is milk shouldn’t get spoiled, spilled, or wasted in any way. And simply hoping that such a situation doesn’t occur cannot help you for long. You need to take all preventive measures to ensure that your milk collection and transport remain in absolute control of your hold.

Leave the task of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your business on us. Get in touch with ANS and we shall help you find the profitable solution for your milk collection business.

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