TRAKZEE : Premium Tracking Application

Connect your entire fleet with our complete fleet management system and manage your fleet like a Pro.
Discover the compatible GPS Trackers and Accessories

Manage everything that affects your fleet and transportation

Trip Classification

Categorise the trips into different types to analyze the trips better

On-Board Diagnosis

Monitor vehicle's health using DTCs and rectify errors remotely

Inventory Management

Know the stock level daily with the easy handling of inventory

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Payment Module

Manage billings, generate invoices, and also transfer the payables

Video Monitoring

Enjoy live video and audio streaming of fleet by connecting MDVR

Tour/Job Control

Minimize misuse and optimize performance by fleet tour management

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An excellent interface with real-time tracking and management of your fleet is just a click away. Get started with Trakzee and allow your systems to receive great insights.
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