Travel Bus

Thanks to the Travel Bus Tracking System that shows you actual activities of the trip and saves you from becoming helpless. Don’t rely only on the passenger’s feedback about the trip, as the Bus Tracking System allows you to monitor the journey by yourself. Using this system, you can track your fleet and get real-time accurate information of the trip. The vehicle maintenance module provides regular updates for vehicle maintenance and helps you in managing your fleet efficiently. The Travel Bus Tracking System provides many options to check Driver Behavior during the journey and also allow you to immobilize your vehicle remotely in case of travel bus or vehicle theft.

ON Trip OFF Trip Tracking

ON Trip/OFF Trip Tracking

Trip Live Tracking is one of the major functionality of our GPS tracking system. Transporters can easily track each and every vehicle either ON trip or OFF trip just in few clicks on their computer or Smartphone. Such updates allow the transporter to eliminate insufficient use of Travel Bus and improve customer service.

Smart Fleet Management

Travel owners get access to live GPS tracking data, behavior-based alert information, fuel consumption updates, idle time tracking, trip reporting, vehicle usage behavior, and vehicle diagnostic information through our Application that helps them to manage their fleet efficiently.

Smart Fleet Management
Driver’s Behavior

Driver’s Behavior Monitoring

The system provides alerts for high speeding, acceleration, braking, thus, helps in monitoring driver behavior. As a result, it encourages safe driving habits and avoids many road incidents. It also helps in training new drivers and unauthorized use of vehicles.

Unauthorized Usage

Almost every Travel bus owners face this issue as they have nothing to track unauthorized usage of their travel buses. Thanks to Travel Bus Tracking System that inform you immediately whenever there is any unauthorized use of your travel bus. It provides alerts for unplanned trips, unauthorized stoppage, route changes, and many more.

Unauthorized Usage
Immobility and Trip Playback

Immobility and Trip Playback

The immobility feature empowers you with the ability to switch OFF or switch ON the travel bus remotely. So, in case of theft, you can track the travel bus as well as recover it easily without any hassle. The transporter is benefited with many details like Total Stops, Stop Location, Wrong Route Selection, Missed Points, Travelled Kilometer, Traveling Time, etc. in the Trip Playback feature.

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